House of Words was founded on the conviction that anything can always be done better.
Not assembly-line work, but custom work.

Custom work sounds expensive, but it need not be; on the contrary, you pay only for what you need. If an unrevised version suffices, no format correction is needed; we deliver exactly what you want, taking into account your budget.

A human approach

Technologies evolve very quickly in the world of translation, and we follow them closely. But we still believe in the central role of people in the entire translation process. You find the right people at House of Words. We want everyone concerned to have a broad frame of reference in order to fully grasp a text, put it in the right context, and comprehend the purpose. That aspect is important in every phase of the translation process: in the quote stage, in the selection of the right translator, and through the actual translation, the revision and the screening.

Guaranteed quality

We select the right translators, interpreters or copywriters for your project with the greatest care. They are always native speakers with an in-depth knowledge of a specific subject area, but they must also have an affinity for the style of the text. Not every technical translator is capable of making an elegant translation of a difficult technical text.

Without compromise

Naturally, we can’t avoid the reality that everything must proceed quickly and preferably at the best price, while high quality must remain guaranteed. House of Words wants to meet that challenge with an efficient approach and a continuing focus. We’re committed to providing quality without compromise and devoting the necessary time to your project. Our work goes out the door only after a thorough check. The final revision is not a formality for us, but an essential phase in the translation procedure. The proofreader examines the translation minutely in search of mistakes that the translator him/herself no longer saw. Our commitment is exceptional. It’s a point of pride with us to deliver a reliable translation.