House of Words translation agency wants to offer you optimal service at a competitive price. We help you with your multilingual translation projects of any size, in any format, whether xml, xls, ppt or InDesign, within the desired period.

We offer you the following services in any language combination, in all European and non-European languages:


A thorough briefing

To translate your document properly, we first answer all the questions that determine what style or terminology should be used.

What is the text type?
How creative may the translation be; how close should it stay to the source text?
Who is the target audience (age, region, insiders or laymen, etc.)?
What is the purpose of the document (for internal use of for publication)?
Is the text being distributed electronically or on paper?

Specialised translators

House of Words ensures that the translation is entrusted to a specialised translator with the right background according to your sector or activity, who works exclusively in his/her native language. We coordinate the entire process with the aid of translation memories and terminology management that are specifically tailored to you. In an urgent situation we assemble a team so that we can meet your tight deadline.

We work with you

For example, if you want to have a technical term translated for a product or technology that you have developed yourself, we search with you until you are satisfied with the result.

Every translation is proofread by a second native speaker, who examines whether the source text has been properly interpreted. Style, spelling and grammar are checked.


Have you written a brochure text, but you wonder if it is linguistically and stylistically suitable for publication? Then you can have the text assessed by the critical eye of our experienced proofreaders, who modify the text where needed.

If you have a text written in a foreign language, it is recommended that you have it proofread by a native speaker so that the text ultimately feels like an original text, with the right idiomatic expressions and in the right writing style.


House of Words is happy to help you with experienced simultaneous interpreters, relay interpreters, consecutive interpreters and whisper interpreters. Our interpreters are primarily called on for lectures, conferences, training sessions and meetings.

We also offer you the necessary equipment, such as interpreter booths or sound consoles, including technical support.

If you would like a quote, send us the exact date, time and location.


Official documents must often be certified (sworn). If you aren’t certain whether certification is needed, we will find out together with you.

House of Words helps your company obtain a sworn translation quickly, with or without legalisation. Depending on your deadline you receive the translation by registered post or by (bicycle) courier.


Do you want to boost your sales by having a brochure written or sending out regular newsletters? Or do you want a catchy slogan in another language? A regular translation will be inadequate.

We’re happy to hear what you need, and on the basis of a thorough briefing our copywriters can set to work to create your content for long or short copy texts, offline and online.


We can make you a quote using the files for which you want subtitles or voiceover. We provide you with the subtitles in the most common file formats, or directly in the audiovisual files with incorporated subtitles.


We translate in all file formats, including InDesign. We deliver the translation of your brochure in InDesign as an idml file. Because it’s not straightforward to create a file in a language that you don’t master, we’re happy to do it for you. Then you’re completely certain that there are no oddly-divided words in it, or words that end up in the wrong place. Ask about our economical rates!