House of Words translates all your business communication and documentation. With our extensive knowledge and years of experience in the industry we focus on companies in various sectors. You can rely on us for the following specialisations:

Financial translations

House of Words provides confidential communication for financial institutions, asset managers, listed companies, auditors, accountants, tax consultants, insurers and investment advisers.

Our financial translators have a financial background, through either education or work experience, which is essential in interpreting annual reports or pension plans properly. Moreover they are up-to-date on the constantly changing legislation.

We speak the language of your foreign-language client. Prospective investors will be able to read your prospectus in their familiar market terminology; if you are a lender, your prospectus will also contain all the statutory terminology in the target language. House of Words has extensive financial lexicons available. If you wish, of course, we observe your preferred style and terminology.

If you have large volumes of text and a tight deadline, House of Words is happy to guide you expertly to achieve a perfect result. A thorough final check is crucial in this.

Finally, we assure you that your documents will always be treated strictly confidentially and securely.

Legal translations

We don’t just translate statutes, notarial deeds, rulings and contracts. In addition to attorneys and notaries, our clients are also companies and consultants in HR, the real estate sector, social legislation, patent law, and so forth.

Our professional translators are specialised in the specific material of the document. Moreover, we take into account the country for which the translation is intended to know which legal regulations are applicable.

A thorough final check, word for word, is crucial for this type of texts, because an incorrect interpretation or a missing word can make a big difference.

We assure you that your documents will always be treated strictly confidentially and securely.

Technical translations

Our technical translators have acquired years of experience in the field of mechanical engineering, automation, chemistry, energy or construction. Many terms can only be learned in practice. In addition there are the many regional differences, certainly in the Dutch-language area.

House of Words translates documents such as technical data sheets, manuals, safety data sheets (MSDS), quality control systems (GMP), last minute risk analyses (LMRA), toolboxes and specifications.

The use of translation memories can be very advantageous in that case, both to keep the price down and shorten the delivery time and to ensure consistency, so that a term is always translated the same way.

Medical translations

For clinical studies or registration of drugs deadlines can be crucial, and so the translation must be good straightaway, fully compliant with the EMA guidelines, taking into account QRD templates and the application of the right terminology as prescribed in the MedDRA.

House of Words translates IFUs, study protocols, ICFs, SPCs, reimbursement dossiers, labels and leaflets on behalf of pharmaceutical companies, CROs and producers of medical devices.

Marketing translation

Marketing texts are creative, persuasive and original, and you see that reflected in our translation. We also take into account the nature of the document, because press releases, websites or brochures have specific form and style requirements. We also ensure that your identity is maintained by translating according to your own house style and vision. We’re happy to discuss this with you to get a clear picture of what the text should reflect or convey.